Meet The Creator Of Flower's Journey...

Welcome kings and queens! My name is Vicky "Flower Bey" here to introduce myself. :) I've been contemplating for a while on creating my own blog to share my experiences and recipes with all of yous and I finally did it! If you love cooking and learning all about food you came to the right place! All my life I've always had a passion for cooking, baking and food in general. I've always watched my parents, grandparents and even people on TV cook so I learned the basics of cooking.

I became so called vegan 3 years ago ( i still eat honey ) when I was introduced to a whole new lifestyle that opened up my eyes and my mind.  Along my journey, I have been inspired by many AMMAzing individuals that got me to where I am today. I want to help you guys find the nourishment & balance food can give you. So being that I didn't grow up vegan/vegetarian, I had to experiment. Recreating my favorite childhood meals, putting a little twist into everything I create and watching tons of YouTube videos i made it a lifestyle to create something new every chance I got.  

Here i will have recipes, restaurant reviews, and even some of my favorite YouTube inspirations. Expand your horizons, I promise you won't be disappointed. Enjoy everyone and don't forget to take pictures of your creations!