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Here we will have various campaigns posted for you to sponsor if your in the giving mood and want to give to some really awesome causes. Also if you want to have your campaign featured email us the details and we will see how we can help you reach you goals as well. Don't let money be the reason you don't reach your goals.

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School Supply Give Away!

Our goal is to raise 1K by august 2018 to purchase book bags & school supplies for local students for the up & coming school year. If you would like to donate supplies instead just reach out and we will send you the address and again anything from the heart is a appreciated.

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Help Jump Start Our Printing Sector.

With the new birth of Lucid Xpressions we truly want to offer the absolute best quality for a very affordable price. Now in order to do that we do need to acquire a few machines to do everything in house so that we don't have to out source and get charged by the middle man which in turn comes back on to the customer with inflated prices. So we truly appreciate all those who help us reach our goal. Every donation or sponsor that gives anything over $25 will receive a special gift for helping us reach the next level.

Sponsor This Campaign - $500 Goal